Vintage 1964 Oxford 12T6 Guitar Speaker Fender Bassman

Description :
1964 Oxford 12T6 12", 8ohm speaker used in Fender Bassman amps (probably others, but this is what I've researched on it). It looks like the dust cap and most of the original cone are intact (the inner part of the cone pictured is a wrapped type, which I think is the original type). So it seems only the surround and outer edge of the cone were redone. Though it looks messy, it's solid and I've used this speaker in a few different cabinets for well over ten years and it's always sounded great. Shipping is $10 UPS ground to the continental U.S. Others request quote.

Contact informations :
Seller Name: ghostdrummer
Sale Price: $99.00
Zip Code: 94549
Location: Lafayette, California

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